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Why Rick Long started Pax River Products

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Rick Long is the creator and manufacturer of the Fishoff Glove®. He is a retired firefighter who lives and fishes on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

Frequently coming home from fishing trips with cuts and fin sticks, Rick saw the need for a fishing glove that would protect your hands while unhooking your catch. He knew the glove had to have several components for fishermen to use it. It would need to be easy to slip on and off. It would also need to be good for handling slippery fish and be readily accessible.

After fishing with several types of gloves, Rick found the perfect glove. The Fishoff Glove® is a crinkle-finish, rubber latex-coated cotton glove with excellent cut protection. He modifies it in his Pax River Products shop so that the glove has an open cuff design for easy on and off. The glove also has a sewn on Velcro® pad that allows the fisherman to attach the pair of gloves to a boat, cooler, or tackle box. Rick also manufactures a belted version, so your Fishoff Glove® is right on your side.

Since 2007, Pax River Products has been manufacturing the Fishoff Glove®. Thousands of gloves have been sold to many satisfied customers. On your next fishing trip, we hope you protect your hands from cuts and fin stick with the Fishoff Glove®.